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    To contribute to the development of digital economy in the world
    Article source : Shandong qingyun junchuang and lock co., LTD., Add : 2017-12-07 Pv:

      Now is the era of the Internet, a message spread on the Internet is very alarming rate, all countries also see the development of the Internet is very important, the phone is smart, people of all ages are playing smart phones, mobile computers We can see the major events in various countries as if we did not have to go abroad and do not have to go abroad to learn about what happened. 

     World Internet Conference Wuzhen summit

      The 4th World Internet will be held in Wuzhen.The development of the Internet has not only facilitated people's lives but also benefited all countries in cooperation and state governance.The development of the Internet has not only facilitated people's lives but also benefited all countries in cooperation and state governance. Fate common "world affairs" Global Internet Governance System Transformation has entered a crucial period, building cyberspace fate community has increasingly become the international community's broad consensus. We advocate the "four principles" and "five-point advocacy." We hope that with the international community, we will respect the sovereignty of the network and promote the spirit of partnership. We should discuss things with everyone in order to achieve common development through common development and security. , The results shared. Internet development is without borders and borderless. Making good use of, developing well and managing the Internet must deepen international cooperation in cyberspace and work together to build a cyber-space fate community. 

     In recent years, all countries in the world are exploring modes of Internet governance suitable for their own national conditions, including personal privacy protection, digital trade regulation, web content management, standardizing the industrial competition order, and cracking down on the healthy development of the Internet. Cybercrime activities. At the same time, global cyberspace governance has entered a parallel phase of multilateral and multi-governance.

    At the same time in the logistics, the Internet is also promoting its continuous development 

    World Internet Conference Wuzhen summit

    With the development of information technology, the changes in the logistics industry are obvious to all. Data show that today, China's logistics industry daily volume of more than 100000000, about 2000000 courier every day on the road back and forth, especially this year's "double 11" the day, a generation of 8120000000 parcels, Do you really need tens of millions of couriers it? In this regard, rookie network president Wan Lin said that after the establishment of the rookie vision is to be able to do the national 24 hours will reach 72 hours of the world must reach. What to do when we are facing the 1 billion package levels a day? Wan Lin frankly, the only way to solve it is through data and intelligence, the inventory on the nearest place from the consumer, and then use the best path, the best resource allocation.

    World Internet Conference Wuzhen summit

    E-commerce may affect our way of life, but it is human beings that affect the development of e-commerce. Sharing economy will affect the transport sector and affect many industries. However, these changes are driven by human beings, and science and technology only promote such changes. Instead of replacing.

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