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    The container seal on the goods shelf life of the longest is how long
    Article source : Shandong qingyun junchuang and lock co., LTD., Add : 2017-11-27 Pv:

    The goods on the container seal  shelf life of 6 months, sent back by the station is responsible for filling out the list, all columns should be filled out clearly, correctly, container seal  changes should be stamped with a station name manager's name. The return list shall be provided with the serial number of the station establishment, the sealed date stamp of the station, and the signature or seal of the operator, in order to be valid.container seal  locked by the dispatch command should be sent back to the command number "return command number" column. Echo list in duplicate, a stay check, one with the truck (or appliance) delivered to the station. According to the provisions of the need to prohibit slippery or speed limit linked to the truck, the loading station should be hung on both sides of the truck hanging "truck license plate" (Form III), removed from the station unloading. Cargo carriers, unloading books (cards), envelopes, locker truck loading lists and return lists are all kept for one year. The shelf life of the sealed lock is six months.

    bolt seal

    he arrival of the station on the arrival of goods should promptly issued a reminder to urge him, and in the invoice (Ding Union) marked the notification method and time. When necessary, should be urged again. When the consignee refuses to collect or can not find the consignee, he shall go to the station and investigate according to the regulations. After receiving the letter of arrival from the station, the station shall immediately contact the shipper and request it to submit its opinions within a specified time and container seal  the application and reply the handling opinions to the station.container seal  station for delivery procedures, should be in the freight bill of lading and ticketing (Ding Union) stamped station date stamp. After the goods are handed over to the consignee in the freight yard, a stamp of "delivery of goods" shall also be stamped on the freight bill of lading to allow inspection and release of the goods. The station can also be based on the need to establish a cargo removal permit system. After the station receives the cargo forecast that can not arrive at the agreed time, it shall immediately notify it and notify it if necessary.

    After the expiration of the goods to the expiry of 15 days, container seal  or live goods over the delivery deadline can not be delivered at the arrival of the station in addition to compiling freight records in accordance with the provisions, but also must be responsible for cargo inquiries, in turn from the Send station order query. The queried station shall apply to the station within two days from the next day after receiving the query and continue to inquire about the next station (grouping, section or reservation station).container seal  of the arrival of the final results of the inquiry should be promptly notify the consignee.


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