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    Six Cheat Unleaded Seal Dispenser Was Confiscated
    Article source : Shandong qingyun junchuang and lock co., LTD., Add : 2017-11-22 Pv:

    Workers are removing tankers

    Evening News Newspaper recently reported that the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, together with the Municipal Public Security Bureau at Pingdu Luqing gas station seized six cheating tanker issue. Yesterday, the city of quality supervision, public security departments to move again to six fraud tanker to be completely removed forfeit, and on-site supervision of the gas station swapped six new anti-fraud tanker.

    According to the introduction, the batch of refueling machines were all installed in a few days ago AQSIQ newly developed anti-fraud measures. Assuming the illegal elements want to change the tanker, the chance of refueling crashed within 3 seconds, assuming that six deadlock refueling opportunities will be scrapped. After the tanker crashed, assuming that there is no supervision of the character staff to manipulate the original code to give a reply, anyone else can not manipulate the tanker. Effectively prevent illegal elements to manipulate high-tech and then carry out cheating on the tanker to protect consumers and then subsided.

    plastic seal

    Consumers pay attention to three points:

    Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau Power introduced to consumers the attention should be paid when paying attention to some of the rights of knowledge, first of all, the first half of tanker can open a small box (or both sides) should have a complete and absolute security seal. Assuming that the box has no lead seal, after the box is opened, there should be a lead seal on the computer motherboard box inside, assuming there is no lead seal, indicating that the tanker has the suspicion of fraud.

    Secondly, the qualified tanker impromptu position should have a diameter of 35 mm green round pass mark, note the inspection date and expiry date. In addition, there should be a "certificate of accreditation" original, issued by the metrological verification agency of the local quality supervision departments, the specific interpretation of the name of the gas station, tanker specifications, serial number, test conclusion, test date, useful period, and cover There are stamps.

    bolt seal

    Third, the gas station should also be equipped with 20 liters of self-inspection standard barrels. When consumers suspect that there is a problem with the amount of fuel, be careful not to leave the tanker, request the gas station with a standard amount of barrel verification.

    When the tanker shows 20 liters of oil, the liquid level should be in the middle of the glass tube of the neck of the verification gauge, generally not lower than the minimum score line. If the liquid level is lower than the lowest score or the liquid level is not present, Tanker has a greater deviation.


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