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    The boss led the staff to visit the factory to experience the operation
    Article source : Shandong qingyun junchuang and lock co., LTD., Add : 2017-12-13 Pv:

    Yesterday, the boss brought new and old employees to our factory in Texas to visit and experience the operation of seal. The new employees were shown the strength of the company, the work of the workers, the sealing process and the manufacturing process, and the staff to experience and participate in the production, so that employees more understanding of the characteristics of the production process. Understand the whole process of factory production. In the process of visiting the study of corporate culture, knowledge to business philosophy, management philosophy; small to various production lines, production steps and so on. 


    With the continuous increase and renewal of machinery and equipment, in order to meet the large orders of more customers, the strength of the factory has been increased step by step. At the same time, our company is constantly expanding.

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