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    Seal in the role of prevention and control tanker
    Article source : Shandong qingyun junchuang and lock co., LTD., Add : 2017-11-16 Pv:

    Seal in the role of prevention and control tanker

       The use of seals more and more widely used in the prevention and control of the tanker has played an effective role.container seal

    In order to effectively prevent cheating in the measurement of tanker, the quality supervision department organized staff to conduct inspections on various gas stations many times and focused on checking whether the seal of the key parts of the tanker was intact, whether there was any unauthorized replacement of the motherboard or encoder, and refueling Machine measurement performance checks.

    junchuang seal factory

      The Bureau also from time to time to organize the use of the tanker inspection, the indication is not excessive but there has been a large deviation of the timely debugging of tanker, tanker over the show value of the order immediately ordered to stop using and strict Check the reason.bolt security seals

      In the inspection process, law enforcement officers to advocate the operators to actively promote the attention of failure maintenance, to inform operators that the repaired tanker must be qualified and sealed before adding it into use; disused tanker must be restored before use, must be Qualified. At present, the county's major gas station metering performance is stable and reliable. gas meter seal

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