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    container seal in the daily use of the range
    Article source : Shandong qingyun junchuang and lock co., LTD., Add : 2017-11-08 Pv:

    container seal  in the daily use of the range:

    1, container seal  personnel do not have the right to normal sealing of the vehicle cans opening device unsealed.

    2, all drivers, are not allowed to change the container seal , such as the discovery of internal abnormalities, must be sealed on the spot and signed by the customer endorsement. At the same time to report to the operating personnel, business dedicated to confirm

    3, the driver is limited to the car at the scene sealed cans.

    4, other personnel, such as the need for work must be unsealed, customers should be informed of the unsealed and sealed. Seal the tank mouth device, the seal must be clearly visible logo and number.

    5, sealed steel wire head, the length should not exceed 1.5cm, the excess wire rope must be diagonal pliers for cutting processing, so that the outlet wire head diffuse.

    6, identification and numbering is not clear, should be promptly reported to the person in charge, timely replacement.bolt seals

    Seal management assessment methods:

    1, the occurrence of poor management due to poor container seal , the administrator immediately reported to the parties within 24 hours, the responsible person fined 50-200 yuan.

    2, due to the number of container seal  collar use and the number does not match, should be investigated for reasons, if lost, each party to a fine of 20 yuan.

    3, the use of seal place and work orders, statements, any inconsistencies list, the parties punished 20 yuan.

    4,container seal  can not be used by others, once found, in addition to the written written examination by the parties, depending on the seriousness of the fine 100-300 yuan, the circumstances are held accountable.

    5,container seal  must be sealed without sealing or leakage, or did not meet the process requirements, a fine of 100 yuan.

    6, found that employees seal forged lead, once verified, a fine of 200 yuan for those responsible for causing serious losses, according to the law transferred to the relevant departments.

    7,container seal  workers are not free to seal others, once discovered must be strictly responsible for the seal seal management personnel.

    8, due to poor management, can not verify the seal number, must be held accountable personnel

    As a kind of anti-theft lock, the new type of seal (Shi blockade) has been adopted in more and more fields at present.How to correctly choose to use the new type of seal? First, we must first choose the quality and credibility of the manufacturer. Second, before the signing of the contract, manufacturers are promised not to provide the same third-party identification and number of the new seal (Shi blockade) is very important. Third, try not to choose to use the same size / color products produced by many manufacturers. Fourth, any product has a certain manufacturing costs, some low-priced products must pay attention to the purchase.


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